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Bahlul Lodi was the founder of the Lodi Dynasty. He was an Afghan descent and his family belonged to traders. The last emperor of the Sayyid Dynasty Alam Shah stepped down and gave them the power to Lodi in 1451. Lodi was a recognized warrior at that time governing Sirhind. The kingdom at that time was a mess. But Bahlul Lodi managed and was appointed as the governor of Punjab and when Alam Shah was throned, Bahlul Lodi was forced to get the throne himself.

Bahlul Lodi Early Life

He was the Grandson of Malik Bahram who was working for the governor of Multan. He was the younger son of Malik Bahram’s son, Malik Kala. His birth was quite unusual, as his mother died in a house collapse, but Lodi was successfully taken out. 

Lodi grew up into a nobleman. He used to trade horses in his teens. He sold many horses to the Sayyid Dynasty Sultan, Muhammad Shah in return to which he was awarded pargana and his status was raised to Amir. Lodi married twice. His first wife’s name was Shams Khatun, and his second wife’s name was Bibi Ambha.

Accession and Reign

In 1443, Lodi attacked Delhi, but it was a failure. He made another unsuccessful attempt to capture Delhi. In 1448, the last ruler of the Sayyid Dynasty retired from his throne and Hamid khan offered Lodi to be the rightful emperor. He awardes the title ‘Bahlul Shah Ghazi’. 

Bahlul Lodi in 1451 control of Delhi

In 1451, Bahlul Lodi took over the control of Delhi and started to spread his authority over the territories of Punjab. As soon as he became the sultan, he removed Hamid khan the minister of Alam Shah and imprisoned Hamid khan with the help of his cousin, Malik Mahmud Khan. By the year 1497, the Lodi Dynasty took over the neighboring territories and dynasties especially the Sharqi Dynasty in the Jaunpur. Bahlul spent most of his life fighting the Sharqi Dynasty. In 1486, Barbak who was Lodi’s eldest son has throned the ruler of Jaunpur

Lodi successfully in his territory

Bahlul Lodi successfully revolted many of the rebellions in his territory. By 1485, Lodi spread his dynasty over Jaunpur, Northern Uttar Pradesh, and Gwalior. He invited many of the Afghan tribesmen and Nobles and treated them with respect.

After Bahlul gained power in the Jaunpur, many people were expecting the Lodi Dynasty to raise again, and the re-establishment would take place for the Lodi’s to dominate over upper India and surge power from central Delhi

help Malwa Shah

Sultan Muhammad Shah once asked Bahlul Lodi’s help when the Sultan of Malwa Mahmud Shah tried to invade his territory. Sultan Muhammad Shah asked him to come where Lodi joined 20,000 mounted soldiers and Bahlul Lodi was able to achieve victory by his cleverness by defeating Malwa Sultan.

Lodi Dynasty

The Lodi dynasty immigrated a large number of Afghans which helped Lodi to increase his power. Bahlul ruled from 1451 to 1489. Bahlul Lodi was brave and generous. Being a General, he conquered many cities into his empire including the areas of Dholpur and Kalpi. This time was the ascent of the Lodi Dynasty. But soon after Bahlul Lodi’s death, his successors Sikandar Lodi took over the throne and ruled from 1489 to 1517. Sikandar Lodi was the most powerful ruler of the Lodi Dynasty. Lodi then founded the city of Agra, and conquest many cities including Bihar and Bengal. Sikandar Lodi died in 1517 and his successor Ibrahim Lodi ruled from 1517 to 1526. Ibrahim Lodi was a failure to the Dynasty. All his nobles and even his Uncle Alam Khan revolted against him which resulted in the Mughals taking over and establishing their empire. 


Bahlul Lodi was not only the founder but was the sole reason for the strength and glory of the Lodi Dynasty. Bahlul Lodi died on 12th July 1489. The tomb of Bahlul Lodi arched openings covered by five domes on every side. Some verses of the Holy Quran are also engraved on his tombstone. The tomb is situated in Delhi and hence named Chirag Delhi. Bahlul Lodi ruled for 38 years.

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