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Muhammad Ayub Khuhro was born on the 14th of August 1901 in the city of Larkana of Province Sindh, which was under the British Indian Authority. He was the Sindhi Politician and became the first Chief Minister of Pakistan after the independence of Pakistan and also server two additional terms in the 1950s. In the government of Feroz khan Noon, Muhammad Ayub Khuhro became the Defence Minister before the imposition of Martial Law by General Ayub Khan.


Muhammad Ayub Khuhro started his political career in 1923 when he was chosen for the Bombay legislative council from one of the three Larkana seats. In 1943, he captured in the murder case of Allah Bux Soomro, who was the Prime Minister of Sindh. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro went against the partition of Karachi and giving it over to the local government. Henceforth differences sprung up. In 1948, he was excused from the workplace of the chief minister. From that point forward, and rather than that his incidental jobs in public undertakings, he was fundamentally related to the governmental issues and interests of Sindh.

Political Issues of Sindh:

The political issues of Sindh had noticed some compelling families predominant on it. They have been administering it until the monetary hold of Sindh moved from the hands of the Hindu finance ministers, with their relocation to India in 1947 and onwards, to the feudal lords and some powerful families. These families are Bhutto, Khuhro, and Sayyed, and so forth. Mohammed AyubKhuhro had a tremendous measure of mass help from Sindh.

The impact of the Muhammad Ayub Khuhro family in Larkana permitted and assisted him with snatching the Larkana seat in 1923. In the appointment of 1923, Shahnawaz Bhutto, father of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was likewise ready to snatch the seat. The force of the persuasive groups of Sindh permitted them to support and keep up with their position and force in governmental issues, as can be seen throughout the entire existence of later political issues of Sindh and Pakistan.

The focal point of the political issues

of Mohammed Ayub Khuhro:

The focal point of the political issues of Muhammed Ayub Khuhro remained Sindh. He adhered to the focal point of the political issues of Sindh. He battled for the interest of Sindh from 1930-1936 by battling for the isolation of Sindh from the Bombay presidency. Around then, his significant point was to perceive Sindh as a self-ruling region like others.

After the segment, Muhammed Ayub Khuhro and Ghulam Murtaza Sayyedwere are challenging for the chief minister of Sindh. Notwithstanding, Jinnah upheld Ayub, and he had the option to snatch the seat. Therefore, Ghulam Murtaza Sayyed, not having the option to have a seat, took the slogan of Sindhi Patriotism. The governmental issues of Sindh were, however, presently deteriorated. The authorization having a place with left-wing political issues showed up and began to get a lot of conspicuousness—nevertheless, AyubKhuhrowas, somewhat ready to smash it strategically.

Muhammad Ayub Khuhro as Chief Minister of Sindh

As a chief minister of Sindh, Ayub opposed the central government, and he upheld the possibility that Karachi ought to be in charge of the federating Unit, Sindh. Karachi was the resource of the greatest provincial revenue generation as capital, then, at that point. He had the option to prevent the center from assuming control over Karachi.

Muhammed Ayub Khuhro had arisen as a loyal representative of Sindh, as per his allies. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro was occupied with procuring public interests. His greatest accomplishments incorporate Lower Land Revenue Demands, building up a college for Sindh, shielding it from the hardship of center, and some more.

In June 1948, bodies of evidence against Khuhro for 60 charges started at Sindh chief Court. In February 1949, Khuhro condemned for two and half years on a claim of typewriter robbery. Due to request, the chief court absolved him from all charges. He assumed a significant part and aided in the development of One Unit. It was unusual he upheld Fatima Jinnah in the official political decision against GeneralAyub Khan.


Muhammad Ayub Khuhro’s connection with General Ayub was not very great. They have been occupied with opposing each other on different events. In 1960, AtubKhuhro coordinated political and social obstruction against the authoritarian system of General Ayub. The allies of Khuhro think about him as deserving of understanding famous command. He went against his adversaries through lawful means.

However, he met a solid resistance by the tyrant shift of force that the legislative issues of Pakistan took before long the freedom. His adversaries gave threefold to surge him a shot of legislative issues by utilizing claims and charges. But, he had the option to save him multiple times. The third case brought by the oppressive system of General Ayub, and at last, they were fruitful to drag him down. Muhammad Ayub Khuhro went through five years in jail. Later on, the federal court suppressed the argument against Khuhro, and he set him free.

He fought the elections of 1970 from Larkana and crushed by Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto. After his defeat, he left his political career.

Death of Muhammad Ayub Khuhro:

  • The year of his death was 1980, and at that time, his age was about 78 or 79. Not much is known about his death, and information regarding his death is very limited in historical books or articles.

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