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9 Ways to Earn Money from YouTube Other than Monetization 

YouTube is an excellent opportunity to earn money, regardless of whether you want to make your videos monetizable or not. There are different ways to earn money through YouTube without the need for ads.

If you’re on YouTube user, then you’ve likely encountered the term “monetization.” Monetization happens in the process where YouTube provides content creators with an ad income from their videos. Certain YouTubers have made money from this by themselves! But not all of them want to make money from their YouTube videos.

9. Sponsorships:

You can locate sponsorships through companies like Famebit or Grapevine. Make sure you disclose any endorsement or support that you receive in your video. The term “sponsored” refers to agreements between brands and YouTubers that allow them to pay the YouTuber to advertise their product or service.

It is common to mention the sponsor’s name in the video and wear their clothes or products.

8. Affiliate Marketing:

It is also possible to earn profits through affiliate marketing, which is where you get a fee to promote the offerings and services. It is accomplished by linking back to pertinent content in YouTube annotations or copying and pasting links that include an “affiliate link” within the box for description beneath every video.

7. Selling Merchandise:

You can earn money by selling different things that are related to your channel, or your videos. This is accomplished through using YouTube Studio, where you upload an image and then link back to a site where customers can purchase items and all the profits go directly to your account. It’s a good idea to do this if people already know about your brand.

6. Patreon:

Patreon can be a method to earn money from your followers through subscriptions. You can establish different income levels and then reward every tier you believe meets the value.

It is essential to create an outline before launching such a campaign, to ensure that people know what they can expect in exchange for their loyalty.

5. Sponsored Videos:

You could also earn money by promoting your videos. This is accomplished by contacting brands that might be suitable for your channel and sharing your content with other media in exchange for a payment.

4. YouTube Fan Funding:


Fans of YouTube can make donations to users to give directly through their videos on their mobile devices, computers, or any other device they want to watch. The link is embedded in each video. Viewers can donate any amount they want directly to you via an encrypted connection.

3. Paid Subscriptions:

Paid Subscriptions are another excellent option to earn money on YouTube with no ads. Paid subscriptions grant access to exclusive videos only for subscribers who pay to subscribe. Seventy percent of the subscription cost will be deposited directly into your account.

2. Direct Sales:

You could also earn profits by selling services and products through your videos. This can be done via an embedded link to the description of the video or make a sort out a separate page on your website that is specifically for sales of products.

1. Google Adsense:


If you’re looking to increase the advantages of your video without worrying about sponsorships, or products, you can make use of Google Adsense. It concedes that you add ads to your videos and get some revenue. It’s usually considered to be the most secure method to make money from YouTube.

Things to Remember:

Whichever method you decide to use you choose, be aware that consistency and high quality are the most critical factors. If people feel that you’re just in it for the cash, then they’re less likely to stay.

If you create content that entertains and engages your viewers, you can be sure to earn some money through YouTube in the process.


If you’re thinking of ways to earn money through monetization, or one of the other options mentioned above, there are many options to earn profits through YouTube. Conduct some research to find the best solution for you, and then begin making content that viewers will appreciate.

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