Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai was born on the 7th of July 1907 in the village of InayatullahKarez. He lost his father when he was young and then he and his brother, Abdul Samad Khan raised by matriarch Dilbara. Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai got his early education at home and has fluency in Pushto, Arabic and Persian text literature. He then joined the middle school and shown some extraordinary skills and got his scholarship. Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai known as the KHAN SHAHEED and also the GANDHI OF BALOCHISTAN. He was the founder of the Anjuman-e-Watan-e-Balochistan, who has an alliance with the Indian National Congress.

Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai’s education:

Abdul Samad Khan showed his authority quality even in his teen. He was only 11 years of age when he drove the gathering of the understudies at Gulistan in affirmation with the Khilafat Development showing against the English. So without precedent for his life, Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai got by the English and stayed 28 days in prison. In 1930 he chose to build up a vote based ideological group however he captured for a half year. At the point when he delivered he on the double went to Bombay and met Gandhi who was en route to Britain to go to the Round Table Meeting. He likewise met there with extraordinary pioneers who were working for the mistreated individuals for example Baacha khan and GhousBuxBezinjo.

At the point when he returned to Quetta he captured by the English with the assistance of support of English Jirga. Subsequent to going through two years in prison when he delivered, he expanded his battle for the abused individuals of Baluchistan alongside Bloch pioneers. In 1938 he gave a paper Istiqlal. It was his exceptionally extraordinary accomplishment this was the primary paper gave in English Baluchistan. This paper assisted the neighbourhood individuals with getting political mindfulness.


The articles are written in the paper assisted individuals with getting joined against the English for their privileges. To see the conditions great the Abdul Samad khan and his gallant Bloch pioneers KhuseBukhBezenjo and MoulanaObedullah of Bostan, dispatched an ideological group “Anjuman-I-Watan” in 1939. Abdul Samad khan made leader of the party. It was the principal coordinated ideological group in Baluchistan. In 1939 Abdul Samad khan and Baacha Khan visited Baluchistan to tell the forthcoming difficulties from the second universal conflict.

India Movement against the British:

In 1942, the Indian National Congress began Quit India Movement against the British. So to force the tension on the English Anjuman-I-Watan party additionally began a similar development in English Baluchistan. So with the ceaseless endeavours of both Bloch and Pashtun under the incredible authority of Samad Khan, they constrained the English to pull out from Baluchistan. At the point when Pakistan made in 1947, so as per the third June plan choice held in NWFP and Baluchistan to conclude that whether needed to join India or Pakistan.

In Baluchistan “shahi” Jirga determined the destiny of individuals after a long discussion between congresses drove by Abdul Samad khan and GhousBuxBizenjo. The Muslim group camp drove by Qazi Muhammad Essa and Mir Jaffer they joined Pakistan. After the making of Pakistan Abdul Samad khan who partnered with congress and Baacha khan, change its declaration and reported faithfulness to the Pakistani state. In 1948 Samad khan met Najibullah. After he met Bacha khan the public authority of Pakistan captured him and thought of him as an Indian specialist.

Ideological group “WrorePakhtoon” by

Abdul Samad Khan Achakzai :

At the point when he delivered following six-year in 1954 he shaped an ideological group “WrorePakhtoon” Pashtun Fellowship. The party meant to instruct the neighbourhood individuals. This party likewise requested the holding of a submission on the subject of tolerating or dismissing the American military guide. Indeed he was captured and was delivered by Lahore high court after his blamelessness was demonstrated.

One unit set up in the country in 1955 he went against this is on the grounds that he was in the blessing of Commonplace independence. Against this issue, he and Bacha khan combine and made the establishment of the Public Awami Party (Rest). This party made against one unit. In 1958 first Military law forced and he was the primary survivor of Ayub khan. Abdul Samad captured on the second day of military law and stayed in prison for a very long time.

He was in jail when he was informed that Rest is separated into two gatherings for example WALI khan and Bashani bunch. In 1969 Rest Wali khan bunch in a gathering of IDAC (Etihad Show activity council) didn’t propose anything and didn’t request a solitary region of Chatral to Bolan. After that Ayub khan called a gathering and liberated every single political detainee.

At the point when he delivered from prison he quit Rest and established the PakhtoonkhwaMiliAwami party. He turned into the executive of the party. In the 1970 general political decision, he won the Common seat by the level type of PMAP. He was the principal resistance head of the Baluchistan get together. He liked the 1973 constitution and considered Pakistan a sovereign state. His battle for others stopped by obscure people when he martyred on the second of December 1973.


Abdul Samad Khan started composing his memories in prison, covering the time of his introduction to the world in 1907 to carrying out punishment at region prison, Lahore in 1952. Initially written in Pashto, the diaries named, ‘Zama Zhwand aw Zhwandoon’ ‘The Way I Lived’ spreads out to the introduction of Khan Abdul Samad Khan rapidly taking the peruser to the patrilineal maze of his lineage. He presents his extraordinary granddad, Inayatullah Khan, child of Bostan Khan lastly Barkhurdar Khan the establishing patriarch of his family. He died on 7th of December 1973 and it was known that he was murdered by unknown person.


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