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Alexander III (also known the Great) was a king of the Macedon kingdom from the Argead dynasty. He was born in 356 BC in a place called PELLA, a city in ancient Greece. At the time of his birth, his father (King Phillip II) was the emperor of the Macedon kingdom. During his youth era, he was taught by the great scientist and teacher Aristotle.

Early life

Alexander, the child of Philip of Macedon, was just twenty years of age when his dad met his sudden death.

As strong as his dad and significantly more goal-oriented, youthful Alexander took the seat of Macedon kingdom and guaranteed the holding up of armed force that he would before long take up the intrusion of the East. His officers and fighters did not question the ability of their young ruler and his preference for fights.


LIFE AS A KING of Alexander

Alexander prevailed to seat and started dynastic changes at the same time,

he needed to pressure other Greek city-states to prestigious power. Alexander was prevalent consistently and defeated domain through the region until Darius, exceptional King of Persia, changed into forced to jump out himself to stand Alexander.

He became victorious inside the two key fights.

at Issus Gaugamela, and Darius became kill through backstabbers soon in some time. Inside the meditating time, Alexander additionally defeated Phoenicia, Egypt, and Babylon, all of which end up being significant acquisitions.

After becoming aware of Darius’ withering, the Macedonian naval force expected that the journey.

became over and the conflict won,

despite Alexander demanded pushing farther east.

here he went up against an amazing rival in Spitamenes,

who had a more modest naval force, in any case,

persisted hassling Alexander and surprisingly butchered a Macedonian unit after belittled him. Spitamenes changed into in the end crushed, the revolt fell to the side, and Alexander went ahead to vanquish the Paraetacene region. Inside the far East, A major assortment of towns may add to the extension of Greek culture.

Eventually remained India. Despite the way that Alexander transformed into effectively the undisputed lord of Asia, he could now not be content until he had in my view defeated the entire continent. He before long aligned himself with one ruler, Ambhi, however, there remained Ambhi’s adversary Porus. The outcome was one of Alexander’s most prominent armed force accomplishments, nonetheless, the fight changed into extreme, specifically since the Macedonian military had expected to confront a horrendous celebration in battling elephants.

After India, Alexander wanted to press in any case further, recognizing that Asia stretched out past what he may furthermore have expected from compelled geographical information. Now, however, his soldiers at some point or another declined to likewise, and rebellious psyche mixed following eight monotonous long stretches of battle and walking. Alexander became incensed, yet he becomes at last constrained to give in and return homegrown.

Lower back in Persia Alexander took care of managerial subjects, comprehensive of the substitution of assorted satraps, or close by rulers. more significant, his experience of Asia had changed his outlook nearer to Persians. His inclination to help the Persians estranged many moderate Macedonians, who in any case thought about Persians as savages. Alexander’s new outlook may also really have caused his withering in 323 B.C. even though the genuine reason for his withering become a fever bothered through substantial drinking, many antiquarians have theorized that Alexander changed into harmed by Aristotle, his earlier train, and Antipater, his close to direct, because of his ideal treatment of the savages.


  • Anatolia,
  • Syria,
  • Phoenicia,
  • Judea,
  • Gaza, Egypt
  •  Mesopotamia
  • Persia and
  • Bactria.
  • Sub-continent (mainly area of Pakistan)
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