Announcement of decision to extend winter vacation for schools and colleges

The Lahore High Court issued a detailed judgment after its brief order yesterday extending winter vacations due to the current smog situation.

In a comprehensive two-page written directive, Justice Shahid Karim directed the Punjab Education Department to issue a notification formally announcing the extension of winter vacations.

The written order clearly states that the extension will apply to all educational institutions, including schools and colleges.

The decision comes after the Lahore High Court (LHC) mandated one more week of winter vacation in response to the growing threat of smog.

The court issued these directions while hearing petitions to tackle the smog crisis.

Prior to this judicial intervention, the Punjab government had already implemented a three-day weekly holiday schedule for schools in the provincial capital, Lahore, in view of the severe smog situation.

The move was taken in response to earlier orders by the Lahore High Court, aimed at reducing the impact of smog on air quality in the provincial capital.

Vehicle emissions, industrial facilities, and burning of crop residues cause heavy smog in cities in early winter.

Note that educational institutions of Punjab are celebrating winter vacation from 18th to 31st December 2023. The caretaker government has not yet officially reflected on the court order. If another week of winter break is declared, educational institutions will reopen on January 8, 2024.

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