Army Emerges as the Most Trusted Institution in Pakistan

A recent Ipsos survey conducted nationwide has revealed the Pakistan army to be the most trusted institution in Pakistan. The military received 74 per cent approval ratings.

Furthermore, the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) emerged as the least trusted among the eight institutions. Ipsos Pakistan conducted the ‘Political Participation Landscape of Pakistani Youth’ survey for Voice of America (VOA) last month.

The survey had a selected size of 2,050 offenders, and it targeted particularly aged 18-34 from various regions across the country.

According to the survey, the second most trusted institution in the country is the Supreme Court of Pakistan, with an approval rating of 58 percent. Media has been ranked as the third most trusted institution.

Meanwhile, political parties received an approval rating of 50 percent. Three out of four respondents expressed optimism that the upcoming elections will guide the country in the right direction.

Similarly, two out of three respondents were of the opinion that elections will be conducted freely and fairly. Moreover, 88 percent of respondents expressed the belief that their vote holds importance in the political process.In response to whether they will cast their votes in the February 8 election, 70 percent of the respondents said yes. According to the Ipsos survey, three out of five young particular faith that political leaders fail to know their problems or priorities.

The survey further revealed WhatsApp to be the most used social media platform among youngsters, followed by Facebook, while Twitter usage stands at just 8 per cent.

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