Astrologer’s alarming revelation about Yemeni Zaidi’s marriage

Well-known Pakistani astrologer Sama Khan made an important prediction about the marriage of the popular showbiz actress Yamuna Zaidi. In one of his interviews, he said that I did a program with Yemeni Zaidi; she has a very good personality. I like her personally; there are very few people like her in showbiz.

Regarding the career of Yemeni Zaidi, Sama Khan said that Yemeni Zaidi is lucky; her career in showbiz has been quite successful, and she is going to achieve great success in the future as she will spend a long time in this industry. He predicted the marriage of Yemeni Zaidi and said that Yemeni Zaidi will fall in love with someone this year, but her marriage will take place in 2025.

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