Australia Tour decision to fine Pakistani players for Sleeping in dressing room

The new rules aim to promote professionalism and focus.

The Pakistan Cricket Team management has introduced strict rules for the players during the tour of Australia. National team director Mohammad Hafeez, known for his cautious approach, has introduced new Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that include a zero-tolerance policy on inactivity for players caught sleeping in the dressing room. Includes a $500 fine.

According to sources, some players who were not part of the playing XI used to sleep in the dressing room when the previous management was in charge. However, the new team management has asked the players to sleep when they are in the hotel instead of the stadium. The new rules are meant to promote professionalism and focus, with some players reportedly expressing dismay, comparing the strictness to the under-16 team’s regulations.

Sources claimed that informal discussions between the players revealed dissatisfaction regarding a lack of trust and personal space. To emphasize discipline, Mohammad Hafeez, nicknamed “Professor”, justified the SOPs by stressing the importance of maintaining high standards on an important visit. He reportedly asked the players to avoid looking lethargic or disconnected in public. This new development has sparked a debate within the cricket community. Some support Hafeez’s strong position that increased professionalism is essential for success. Others, however, express concerns about the potential impact on player morale and independence.

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