Conflict in PML-N over the selection of women’s seats

The PML-N party’s selection process for reserved seats has caused dissatisfaction among its old guard and other members. The party’s values and commitment to long-standing members have been questioned, especially due to the preferences given to PTI turncoats. The Sharif family has picked Mussarat Asif, Shaza Khawaja, Zeb Jaffar, and Ishrat Ashraf for National Assembly reserved seats. Marriyum Aurangzeb has been nominated for both national and Punjab assembly reserved seats, and her mother, Tahira Aurangzeb, tops the list for NA seats. 

The nomination of Shaista Pervaiz Malik for an NA seat has stirred controversy as Ms Malik filed the nomination papers against PPP Chairman Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari for NA-127. Other nominees include Nuzhat Sadiq, Wajeeha Qamar, Uzma Kardar, and Hina Pervez Butt, who faced criticism from Tahmina Daultana and Madiha Niazi during the parliamentary board meeting

The meeting highlighted the growing discontent within the party, with Ms Niazi and Ms Daultana arguing that the party could not be served merely by sporting “branded suits and makeup.” The party’s selection process has been criticized by a PML-N woman leader, stating that most of the “influential women” who secured nominations for reserved seats had also applied for general seats, leaving loyal party workers sidelined. 

Despite these concerns, Marriyum Aurangzeb did not respond to queries about the sidelining of loyal party workers for reserved seats and their resulting dissatisfaction.

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