Dengue fever Caution is essential

A decrease in the number of platelets is an alarming sign of dengue fever.

The cause of dengue fever is a specific female mosquito “Aedes Aegypti.” The symptoms appear within two to seven days after the bite of this mosquito. These symptoms include high fever, headache, vomiting, severe fatigue, body breakdown, and eyes. Sometimes, red spots appear on the body, which can be mild and itchy. If the nature of dengue is severe, the nose, mouth, or gums also bleed.

A blood test is done for the diagnosis of dengue. After the final diagnosis, the patient is isolated because now, if a common mosquito bites the patient, the dengue virus can be transmitted to another person. Viral fever usually gets better in six to seven days because there is no cure for viral, but symptomatic treatment is used, which requires careful monitoring of the patient. Is.

Remember, papaya leaf juice cannot cure dengue. Dehydration is also a dangerous symptom of dengue. If the symptoms of dehydration are not noticed, along with checking platelets on a daily basis, the patient is in a state of emergency. It goes away. Therefore, it is important to look at the symptoms of dehydration. A clear sign of dehydration is the yellow color of urine or lack of urination.

Checking the patient’s pulse rate and blood pressure is also essential. If the urine is excreted in a small amount or the pulse rate drops and the blood pressure starts to decrease, then this is an alarm. Ho should be taken to the hospital. Dengue is treated in the light of the patient’s symptoms and test report. Usually, a specific medicine is prescribed to reduce the severity of the fever, while in Greek medicine, bergamot 5 grams, jujube. Khaki 5 pcs., Gul Banfsha 3 grams, Bekh badian, is used in the morning and evening.

It is better to consult a qualified physician. To keep the patient hydrated, fruit and vegetable juices should be given. In this context, apple, sweet, pomegranate, carrot, and beetroot juices are useful. Coconut water is also useful. It must be used while mixing honey (cinnamon, celery, and ginger) in herbal coffee. Boiling of neem leaves is also an elixir.

In case of nausea or vomiting, give ORS or lemon syrup. There should be a coordinated and systematic effort at the country level to stay safe from dengue. At the same time, individuals should not allow water to accumulate in their homes and surrounding areas. Do not go near grass and plants in the morning and evening hours. Place nets on doors and windows, use mosquito repellent lotion, house mosquito repellent spray, or even smoke camphor and frankincense. Put babies in mosquito nets. Avoid sleeping in the open air; special attention should be paid to cleanliness in the houses. Apart from this, children and adults should wear full-sleeved clothes.

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