ECP Officially Announces February 8 As Public Holiday For Elections

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Thursday officially declared February 8 (Thursday) as a public holiday across the country, allowing citizens the opportunity to participate in the electoral process conveniently.

A spokesperson for the ECP stated that the decision to announce a holiday is in accordance with sections (4) and 8 of the Election Act 2017, aimed at facilitating voters to exercise their right to vote freely.

As the general elections of 2024 draw near, reports indicate that educational institutions nationwide will observe eight holidays in February.

As election campaigns gain momentum, candidates representing various political parties have initiated corner meetings and door-to-door canvassing in preparation for the upcoming elections scheduled for February 8.

Besides, the ECP has initiated the printing of ballot papers (Form 33), which will display the Names of candidates along with their respective electoral symbols. The printing procedure is likely to be finished by February 3, following which the Election Commission of Pakistan will ensure the secure division of ballots to every district, with the assistance of the Pakistan Army.

According to the SM reports, the educational institutions across Pakistan would remain closed from February 4 to February 12. February 4 was cut down on a Sunday, and February 5 is Kashmir Day, and a planned series of holidays from February 6 to 10 due to the Pakistan vote.

All these holidays will follow February 11—Sunday, and subsequently, all the educational institutions will remain closed—making a total of eight holidays on elections.

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