Election Commission Unable to Finalize Results 18 Hours After Voting Ended

The Election of Pakistan (ECP) is under fire over the delay in announcing the results of yesterday’s elections.

Last night, ECP warned provincial election commissioners and returning officers to announce the results of General Elections 2024 within half an hour or “face strict action.”

However, the official results for most of the National Assembly and provincial assembly seats haven’t been announced yet.

According to the unofficial results, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) backed independent candidates are leading the majority of the national assembly seats.

The Interior Ministry has also responded to the concerns regarding the delay in election results. It said the delay was due to a “lack of communication, which resulted from preventive measures taken to ensure foolproof security.”

The Ministry described the current situation as “satisfactory” after assessing the delay.

On the other hand, despite the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) announcing that there won’t be any internet disruptions, users across the country faced hours-long outages.

The Interior Ministry stated in a statement that “precious lives have been lost” in recent militant attacks, adding that such “security measures are essential to maintain the law and order situation and to deal with potential threats.”

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