Gulab Jamun is the National Sweet of Pakistan

In a recent competition to decide the national dessert of Pakistan, Gulab Jamun emerged as the clear winner among contenders like Jalebi and Barfi. The government conducted a Twitter poll, and Gulab Jamun secured the majority of votes, with approximately 15,000 people participating in the poll.

Consequently, it has been officially declared as the National Sweet of Pakistan, bringing joy to the fans of this delectable treat.

Gulab jamun is a beloved dessert made by deep-frying dough balls composed of milk powder, flour, butter, and cream or milk. After being fried, these balls are then soaked in sugar syrup, contributing to their sweet and rich flavor.

This dessert holds a special place in various cultural celebrations, including weddings, Eid, and other festive occasions. The recognition of Gulab Jamun as the national sweet highlights its widespread popularity and cultural significance in Pakistan.

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