Here’s When ECP Will Announce Complete Election Results

The unofficial results for all 859 constituencies of the National and Provincial Assemblies will be announced by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) on Friday, February 9.

Talking to APP, a spokesperson for the ECP stated that they have completed all the arrangements to conduct free, fair, and transparent general elections across the country tomorrow.

Additionally, the printing of 260 million ballot papers for all constituencies has also been completed. According to the spokesperson, National Assembly ballots are distinguished by their green paper, while Provincial Assembly ballots are printed on white paper.

The distribution of printed ballot papers has been completed across the country except few districts. The printing process, which began on January 14, was concluded by February 3.

The spokesman further added that in compliance with a Supreme Court order, ballot papers for 11 National Assembly and five Provincial Assembly constituencies underwent reprinting. The original papers will be destroyed as per the court’s order.

He highlighted that this time, a total of 260 million ballot papers were printed. This indicates a 54.74% increase in candidates compared to the previous elections.

Despite a 195% increase in demand for special paper, effective management efforts led to a reduction from 2,400 tonnes to 2,177 tonnes. The distribution of printed ballot papers includes 5% single-column, 50% double-column, 30% three-column, 11.15% four-column, and 2.4% five-column formats.

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