I congratulate the nation; we were able to conduct the elections in 2024

Whatever government is formed will think of Pakistan, shutting down mobile and internet was not an easy decision; if this decision has to be made again, it will be done for the sake of the nation’s children.

The press conference of caretaker federal interior minister, the minister of information, and the officials of the Election Commission held a joint press conference. If this decision has to be made again, it will be done for the sake of the nation’s children.

Most important to us were the lives of our citizens. Election officials had no involvement in this decision. He further said that crores of people voted in this election. Isn’t our nation proud of our security agencies and institutions? The security forces organized the most peaceful elections together. There were 56 incidents in which 3 military, 2 Levies, 7 police personnel, and 4 civilians were martyred.

While in government, one has to make decisions that favor the nation; there were reports of attacks on polling staff. The ballot boxes did not reach their place, but we did not take any risks. One could have thought that the election would be held with security. The Chief Election Commissioner worked despite all these challenges. How all the institutions organized the election together is commendable.

When the mobile phones were turned off, they attacked our nation with hand grenades. The result is the nation’s will; whoever they voted for, the caretaker interior minister said that people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa voted for the party they wanted to vote for. All actions depend on intentions. The Election Commission is playing its role; our job was security. I congratulate the nation on being able to conduct elections in 2024. It is hoped that whoever will form the government will think of Pakistan. My dream is to make Pakistan a developed country.

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