I want to open only in PSL. Pakistan team’s case is different, Fakhar Zaman

The players who came instead of Rashid Khan are also good; we will try to make Rashid’s loss feel less.

Lahore Qalandar’s batsman Fakhar Zaman has said that he would like to open in the Pakistan Super League, but the case of the Pakistan team is different. Talking to private TV, Fakhar Zaman said he is ready to play at any number as a professional player. Yes, the preparation for PSL is going well; the camp is supposed to get the new players coming in.

Fakhar Zaman said that to win the title twice, the goal is to score a hat-trick, and there will be pressure; he will try to play the way he has played in the last two seasons. He said that if I said it, it would be wrong if Rashid Khan’s absence did not hurt. Rashid Khan is the best bowler in the world, and there is no substitute for him, and he will try to make up for it.

Fakhar Zaman said that the players who have replaced Rashid Khan are also good; we will try to make Rashid’s absence feel less. He said my goal in PSL is to be the best batsman, and our team wins. In T20, only the openers create the tempo in the batting. Sam Billings will be missed in the opening, but the rest of our players are also good. Fakher Zaman said that Lahore and Karachi also compete in domestic cricket, which is the game’s beauty. We won the title after winning the league matches in Karachi. He said that the three fast bowlers of Pakistan in the Mander 19 team were good; we have to see how they hold themselves in the next three to four years.

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