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Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi

Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi Early Life :

Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi, also known as Allamamashriqi was born in Amritsar on August 25, 1888. Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi was a British Indian and later Pakistani mathematician and political worker. His father Ata Khan was a prominent political worker. He always worked for the betterment and awakening of the Muslims of the subcontinent. It was due to him that AllamaMashriqi got the opportunity to meet several Muslim personalities like Jalal ud Din Afghani and Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi’s Education:

He was a fond reader from his childhood. That’s why his early schooling began at his home before attending schools in Amritsar. After completing his intermediate, Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi got admission at Forman Christian Lahore where he completed his Bachelor of Arts degree and then moved to the University of Punjab where he completed his Master’s degree in Mathematics, securing first class for the first time in the history of the University.

In 1907, he moved to England where he got admission to the Christ College of Cambridge University and awarded many scholarships and degrees. He completed his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1910 and after a couple of years, Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi also received Mphil in Mathematics and awarded with a gold medal at his doctoral graduation ceremony. He also awarded a gold medal by the world society of Islam.


After completing his education in England, Allama Mashriqire turned to India in 1912. He appointed as the vice-principal of Islamia College Peshawar when he was just 25 years old and soon promoted to the Principal post in 1917. Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi also appointed as the undersecretary in the educational department by the government. In 1919, he appointed as the Head Master of the high school in Peshawar. He offered the ambassadorship of Afghanistan and later on knighthood by the British government in 1920 but he refused both the titles. In 1932, after serving at various important posts, he resigned from the government service and settled in Lahore.

At the age of just 36 years, Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi wrote one of his famous books, Tazkirah during his government services in 1924. It was a scientific commentary on the Holy Quran and was nominated for the noble prize in 1925, but due to some issues, he was not awarded the noble prize.


After serving 17 years in the education field, AllamaMashraqi started his political career balancing a movement known as the Khaksar movement in 1931. It was a volunteer-based movement and the majority of members wherefrom the middle class. Its main aim was to bring revolution in the society by assuring equality for all without discrimination to anyone and also to get independence from British rule. He was against the division of India and was of the opinion that Muslims and Hindus should live in harmony in the subcontinent, the way they lived before the arrival of the British. Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi was also against the Two Nations Theory and called the separatist leaders’ power-hungry. 

Restriction on Khaksar Movement:

In February 1940, restrictions imposed on the Khaksar movement in Punjab. On March 19, 1940, many of the members of the movement were injured and killed when police opened fire on them during the protest organized by them. Subsequently, the movement banned in Punjab, and Mashriqi put into jail. In 1941, the Khaksar movement was banned all over India.

Inyatullah Khan Mashriqi demanded by the Government of India to disband the movement or stay in jail but he refused to disband the movement and thus imprisoned for a long time but Mashriqi faced all these problems with great courage and determination. Later on, after about a couple of months, he released from jail but his movement restricted. He continued to work for the unity of Muslims and Hindus but was not successful and eventually subcontinent divided into India and Pakistan. After partition, the Khaksarmovment changed its name to the Islam League and continued its agenda of social welfare.


Inayatullah Khan Mashriqi dies at Mayo Hospital in Lahore on August 27, at the age of 75 years, after battling cancer. He buried in Ichhra and survived by his wife and seven children.

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