iPhone 16 Capture Button Will Respond to Touch and Pressure for Zooming and Focusing

Apple recently launched the iPhone 15 series, and there are already rumors about the upcoming iPhone 16 lineup expected to be released later this year. Speculations suggest that Apple introduce a new feature called the Capture button to the iPhone 16, designed specifically for capturing photos and videos. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman has reportedly confirmed that the button will primarily be used for video recording.

In a recent report from The Information provides additional details about the functions and gestures that the rumored Capture button on the iPhone 16 may support. According to the report, the Capture button is expected to be a mechanical button that responds to pressure and touch rather than a capacitive one.

Users of the iPhone 16 may have the ability to zoom in and out by swiping left and right on the Capture button. Additionally, a light press on the button may be used to focus the camera, while a stronger press is required to activate video recording. Apple is planning to position the Capture Button on the right side of the iPhone 16 models, below the Power button, and conveniently accessible when the device is held horizontally.

The current location for this proposed button houses the mmWave antenna in the U.S. models, so if implemented, the antenna is expected to be relocated to the left side of the device.

Apple apparently views the introduction of the Capture button as a significant selling point for the iPhone 16 lineup, intending to position the iPhone as a preferable option for shooting horizontal videos. It’s worth noting that the design and function of the iPhone 16 are not yet finalized, and changes may occur as Apple refines the device in the coming days.

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