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Sir Malik Ghulam Muhammad was born on 20 April 1895. He was a politician and financier as the third Governor of Pakistan, appointed in 1951 and resigned in 1955 due to bad health. He is the co-founder of Mahindra and Muhammad in 1945 with Jagdish Chandra Mahindra and Kalaish Chandra Mahindra.

Malik Ghulam Muhammad Early life & Political Career

Educated at the Aligarh Muslim College (AMU), he joined the Indian Civil Services as a contracted bookkeeper at the Indian Rail route Records Administration prior to elevate to join the Ministry of Finance under Liaquat Ali Khan in 1946. After the independence of Pakistan in 1947, he joined the Liaquat organization as the nation’s first finance minister where he helped draft the initial five-year intends to mitigate the public economy.

Malik Ghulam Muhammad as Lead representative General:

Following the death of Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan in 1951, he was welcome to be the Lead representative General by Sir Khawaja Nazimuddin who himself assumed control over the public authority as Executive. Cross country brutality as the fallout of the language development in Dacca and strict uproars in Lahore caused him to excuse the Nazimuddin organization utilizing the safe forces to reestablish control of the Law and order in Pakistan. In 1955, he had to leave the post of Governor-General because of deteriorating of his ailments by then-Inside Priest Iskander Ali Mirza, who himself assumed responsibility for the workplace. After acquiescence, he battled a brief however fruitless fight with his disease, that eventually brought about his passing in 1956.

His own image is seen negatively by Pakistan’s history specialists, giving rise to political issues, subverting the regular citizen control of the military by approving the Military law in Pakistan, and devaluating democratic vote-based standards by firing the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan during PM Bogra’s residency.

LIFE of Malik Ghulam Muhammad AS GOVERNOR-GENERAL


In 1946–47, Malik Ghulam Muhammad left Mahindra and Mahindra and joined the Ministry of Finance as a Cabinet Secretary under Finance MinisterLiaquat Ali Khan, helping him in drafting and setting up India’s first association spending plan.

Subsequent to seeing the Partition of India in 1947, he chose to secure the citizenship of Pakistan and forever got comfortable in his local city, Lahore, on 14 August 1947. He raised up in the Liaquat organization when Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan designated him as the nation’s first Finance Minister. He introduced the primary spending plan and presented the draft of the Initial Five-Year Plans in 1948.

As A head of International Islamic Organization

in Pakistan :

In 1949, Malik Ghulam Muhammad welcomed heads of the Muslim world to the International Islamic Organization in Pakistan. There he underscored the possibility of a Muslim monetary alliance. During this time, he endure the lethal assault of loss of motion that made him unfit to talk or move viably. He started enduring with chronic weakness condition.

After the murder of Liaquat Ali Khan, Malik Ghulam Muhammad chose as the third Governor-General, by the cabinet. When KhawajaNazimuddin left the post of Governor-General. After taking the charge of the workplace, Malik Ghulam Muhammad began ruling every one of the issues of the nation to shorten the forces of the Leader. At the point when KhawajaNazimuddin, with his cabinet, attempted to counter Ghulam Mohammad’s indistinct overwhelming position, he excused the Governor-General by utilizing non-obligatory forces under the temporary constitution.

Constituent Assembly :

In 1954, the Constituent Assembly made administrative endeavors to have a go at changing the 1935 act to set up balanced governance on the Governor General’s forces. Accordingly, Malik Ghulam Muhammad again excused the Constituent Gathering, an activity that tested in the Sindh High Court by MaulviTamizuddin, the Speaker of the Assembly. The Sindh High Court’s Main Equity Sir George Constantine administered the Governor General’s choice unlawfully; however, the decision was upset by the Federal Court of Pakistan, driven by Chief Justice Muhammad Munir, in a split choice.

Historians consider this activity the start of vice regal legislative issues in Pakistan. While the military and common administration, not chosen authorities, would acquire expanding impact over the nation’s policymaking.During this time, Malik Ghulam Muhammad’s wellbeing started to weaken. His paralysis spread through his entire body .Which drove him to resign in 1955 to look for treatment in the United Kingdom. In his ability, he designated Interior Minister, IskanderMirza as acting Governor General. However, Mirza excused him from his post to have his spot, supported by the Constituent Assembly lawmakers.


Malik Ghulam Muhammad died on 29 August 1956 and was buried in FaujiQabrustan, Karachi. It is present to the next of Gora Qabrustan which is the Christians Graveyard.

Ghulam Muhammad Malik | The tomb of Ghulam Muhammad Malik, t… | Flickr

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