Mohammad Rizwan Appointed Vice-Caption of Pakistan T20 Team

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced on Monday that Muhammad Rizwan, who serves as the wicketkeeper and batter, has been appointed as the vice-captain of the Pakistan T20 cricket team. This decision was communicated through the PCB’s official Twitter account. In his new role, Rizwan will be taking over from Shadab Khan and will act as the deputy to the current captain, Shaheen Shah Afridi, during T20 matches.

The appointment comes after former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi publicly expressed his preference for Muhammad Rizwan to lead the T20 team instead of Shaheen Shah Afridi, who currently holds the captaincy position.

Afridi commended Rizwan’s hard work, focus, and fighting spirit, highlighting these qualities as admirable. He particularly praised Rizwan for staying dedicated to his game and not getting distracted by external factors.

During an event in Australia, Shahid Afridi spoke highly of Rizwan and jokingly mentioned that he wanted to see Rizwan as the T20 captain. This comment caused some intrigue, especially as it came in a lighthearted manner while Shaheen Shah Afridi was present at the event.

Despite Afridi’s preference, Shaheen Shah Afridi remains the captain of the T20 team, and Rizwan will now take on the role of vice-captain in support of the team’s leadership.

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