NEPRA Hikes Electricity Tariff by Rs. 4.12 Per Unit for January Bills

The National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA) on Thursday notified a Rs. 4.12 per unit increase in the price of electricity in terms of fuel charges adjustment (FCA) for ex-Wapda distribution companies (DISCOs).

The consumer’s bill will reflect the increase separately based on the units charged to consumers in November 2023. DISCOs will include the adjustment for fuel charges in November 2023 on their January 2024 billing.

The regulator stated that the increase would be applied to all consumer categories except for those who use Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

According to CPPA-G’s claims, the actual fuel prices for November 2023 have increased by Rs. 4.66 per unit. The power regulator approved a Rs. Last month, DISCOs were charged an additional 3.07 units of electricity based on FCA. The increase will be collected in December 2023 from customers of electricity.

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