Samsung Embraces Cheap Display Tech, Allowing Affordable Folding Phones

There have been recent reports of Samsung working on a cheaper Galaxy Fold, and a new development has just made this possibility easier. The Korean phone maker has adopted a new and cost-effective display tech for foldable using inkjet printing.

Samsung’s recent transition from the Micro Dry Process Decoration (MDD) to Inkjet printing technology for its foldable phone screens marks a significant departure. Previously, the MDD method involved creating frames by cutting films from a roll with pre-existing ink in the film. However, due to cost considerations, this approach has sparked debates.

Fortunately, after rigorous research and development, Samsung is now adopting the more cost-effective Inkjet printing technology. This new method will help extract additional frames from the initial film and is poised to enable Samsung in cost reduction efforts, potentially translating into more competitively priced foldable smartphones.

The frames of OLED panels play a crucial role in concealing internal circuits and components, with frame films applied following the coating process to protect against oxygen and moisture. Subsequently, the assembly process ends with laminating ultra-thin glass onto the panels.

Since recent reports pointed toward a cheaper book-style foldable, we expect to see this technology on an affordable Galaxy Z Fold first. This would be a reasonable move as the Galaxy Z Fold is one of the most expensive smartphones in Samsung’s offerings, starting at $1800.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 6 and Flip 6 are expected to debut in summer this year, though it remains to be seen whether the rumored cheaper foldable will also feature at the same event. Reports claim that it might be called the Galaxy Z Fold FE.

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