Samsung Galaxy S24 is Getting an Overdue Camera Upgrade

Several Samsung Galaxy S24 owners have voiced concerns about the performance of their camera, citing subpar results. A spokesperson from the company has acknowledged the issue and assured users that a firmware update is currently in development to address these concerns.

Numerous users on Samsung South Korea’s official forum have shared their experiences of blurry textures and a lack of detail in photos taken with the S24. In response to one such report, a forum moderator confirmed that a solution to this problem will be delivered in a forthcoming update.

The forum moderator verified that the Samsung S24 series introduces improved color reproduction, delivering a more natural visual experience when compared to its predecessors within the S-series lineup. However, it was noted that aside from this enhancement in color reproduction, there were no significant alterations or upgrades made to the camera systems.

However, it is worth mentioning that not everyone has been getting these camera issues with their Galaxy S24 units, meaning the OTA update may not be meant for everyone or every region. But more restrained processing with a more natural color rendition and some extra grain in certain shots has been a commonly reported issue.

There is no word on when Samsung plans to roll out this new firmware update far and wide, but we recommend keeping your Galaxy S24 devices up to date in any case.

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