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Sher Shah Suri

Sher Shah Suri belonged to Sur, Oman. His real name was Farid Khan. Sher Shah Suri created an efficient revenue system and the relationship between the ruler and people were systemized and had very little corruption. He had eight sons. Sher Shah Suri was the founder of the Sur Dynasty. He was a master of Arabic and Persian languages. 

Early Life

Sher Shah Suri was born in 1486, in Sasaram, Bihar. He was the son of a Jaghirdar. At the age of 15, he went to Jaunpur. There her learned Persian and Arabic and had very good administrative skills and soon after he came back, Sher Shah Suri was appointed Jagir by his father. 

Sher Shah resisted against his father and left home to join as a soldier. He started to work for the governor of Jaunpur, Jamal khan and later worked for the Mughal King Babar. In 1522, he started working for the governor of Bihar. Sher Shah Suri was quite courageous, and gallantry killed a tiger single-handedly. The Governor awarded him the title “Sher Khan”.

Accession and Reign

Bahar Khan who was the governor of Bihar at that time appointed him to be his deputy governor and tutor of his son. Sher Shah Suri again joined the service of Babar, but he soon left them. It was known that Jalal khan was a minor, so he was the virtual governor after Bahar khan. 

Kanauj Battle:

In 1531, Sher Shah Suri fought with Humayun and captured Gaur, and got the throne of Delhi after battling at Kanauj. In 1534, Sher Shah Suri defeated the forces of Ghiyasuddin Shah and captured Bengal and in 1539, he captured the whole of Bihar. He won the battle of Giri sumel In 1539, but had to face a huge loss of his army. His kingdom expanded from Indus in the east to Bengal in the west. When Babar attacked Bihar, Sher shah gave him very valuable services and spent his time in the Mughal administration. 


He defeated Humayun and Hewas forced to flee away from the battlefield in Kanauj, Sher Shah Suri drove his foes from Bengal, Bihar, and Punjab, suppressing the Baluch Chiefs, and captured Gwalior and Malwa for the intent on expanding his sultanate of Delhi. 

He was famous for fostering trading and commerce. He improved many roads and developed infrastructures and set military and economic administration. So he recruited soldiers and made his army stronger. He divided his empire into provinces. So those provinces then called Sarkars. It is believed that he was the first person to introduce Rupaiya and the system of postal services. The strategies he made later idealized by Akbar


He built mosques and made a network of roads, especially the great Grand Trunk Road. He also built Rohtas Fort. Sher Shah Suri wanted to rule out Mughals and establish Afghan rule once again. He was democratic and his empire was based on people’s will. Being a Muslim, he hired many Hindus and recruited them in many of the government departments. He had a brilliant capacity of being an organizer in civil affairs as well as military affairs. His period of rule was quite short, but he restored law and order into the whole Subcontinent. 


He was one of the greatest Muslim rulers in India had.He introduced the system of Custom duty which is still followed today. Shah ranked up from nobody to an Elite emperor. he built roads, rest houses, and wells improved the tax system and administered it as well the army. He changed the architectural pattern of India by building unique monuments. On 22nd May 1545, He killed when he was trying to besiege the fort of Kalinjar fort in Bundelkhand, he was fighting against the Rajpoots of Mahoba. He has the most magnificent tomb in India. The tomb constructed in his reign and completed in the reign of his son Islam Shah. He considered the most successful ruler of medieval India.

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