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Simple and Effective Methods to Make Money From Your Facebook Video


Facebook has been giving all signs of becoming a more video-focused platform in the last few decades. The transition can be observed by the various videos that Facebook currently supports and the variety of video formats you can upload to the platform. If you enjoy making Facebook videos or other content for Face book, you need to make money from it. Well! The article will assist you in discovering how to easily make money from your Facebook videos. Let’s get started with the most effective and easy ways to Make Money from Your Facebook Video without further delay.

Table of Contents:

  • Fun subscrabing

  • Brand collabs manger
  • I stream Ads
  • Last thouthgt

1. Fan Subscriptions:

If you’re not keen on promoting other products but like to make money from your following large base, then Facebook gives you the option of a subscription.

Yes! You can now being the fan subscriptions that can allow you to earn money while not promoting other products. However, there’s a tricky element: finding the ideal balance. It is important to allocate an entire portion of your budget for the fan subscriptions. It can include specific types of exclusive content, like:

  • Behind-the-scenes content
  • Followers-only Q&A
  • Only subscribers can post

fun 3.png

It is important to realize that the aim should be to give your loyal customers something different from the usual content. You interact directly with your readers.

2. Brand Collabs Manager:

Another method of monetizing videos includes the manager of brand collabs. It is create to bring the brands together and prominent creators of content. It is more of influencer marketing. Brands can hire content creators to promote their products and services to their customers in this case.

If you think that you are a “big shot” within your area, It is quite easy for you the deal you want with your choice of brand. It is also one of the most effective methods to earn money from Facebook videos.

Well! Anyone can sign up for this Brand Collabs manager but consider certain rules, guidelines, and terms. Also, you must be aware of the two sides of the coin – the creators of content and brands.

brand 4.jpg

A) Creators:

If you’re an artist, things may appear more complicated. To become a brand collabs management program member, you need to have a Facebook page. There are some requirements you have to comply with to be eligible for any monetizing video. These are:

  • Be sure to follow all the guidelines which were previously discussed.
  • You should have at least 1,000 followers, and you should get about 15,000 engagements for your post.
  • Be a Page administrator on the page that you’re submitting for monetization.
  • It Must be a citizen of a country eligible for the Management of Brand Collabs.


b) Advertisers

According to the brand’s viewpoint, it’s pretty straightforward – they require a fee from the creator of the content to advertise their products and services. However, evaluating each creator is strict about making sure it is effective in making the content worthwhile.

Creators can help you expand your business and expose you to many thousand potential customers to the services or products you provide.

3. In-Stream Ads

In-stream ads can be a good way to make money with Facebook videos. The term “in-stream” refers to ads plays during the time a video is streaming. Well! It doesn’t mean that videos need to be live. Ads are not playing when the live video is being streams. However, you’ll be able to add it later after the live video publishing. The current scenario is that Facebook live streaming  become more and more popular every day. If you are plan to host an event, you may want to consider online promotion services and purchase a live streaming viewer for Facebook and other streaming platforms.


 When it comes to in-stream ads is the monetization eligibility. It help to remember to produce engaging and lengthy content that will keep your viewers interested until ads are shown. The greatest benefit is that you’ll receive complete and precise information on the effectiveness of your material. This means that you’ll have the ability to control all the different kinds of ads you would like to incorporate in your videos.

If you are looking to become eligible for the monetization of videos using in-stream advertisements, then you should consider these factors:

  • You have to follow the guidelines of Facebook’s Partner Policy on Monetization
  • Your page should have at minimum 10,000 fans on Facebook
  • You must be 18 or older
  • You must reside in a country suitable for ads in-stream


It’s relatively easy to create in-stream ads. All you have to do is turn on the in-stream ads with your Creator Studio if your site is suitable. After that, you can decide where to display the ads and select the language for your video. The rest of the time, Facebook will take care of everything.

Note: If you want to make amazing videos in a matter of minutes, you must use high-quality editing software. A variety of free or pay editors are perfect for editing videos in a matter of minutes, with just only a small amount of effort and investment in time.

Final Thoughts:

Facebook Monetization is an incredibly anticipating option for video-makers of all kinds. All you have to be doing is adhere to the guidelines outlined here and remain focused on creating high-quality videos. If you are put in an amount of effort and concentration, and perseverance, you will see the success you’ve envisioned, and, in turn, you’ll be able to earn an amount of cash. In addition, you will begin earning more quickly.

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