Solar Panel Prices Make Huge Jump Ahead of Summer Season

The increase in demand for solar panels in the country before the summer season has led to a significant price increase.

According to details, the cost of solar panels has increased from Rs. 75,000 to 300,000. For instance, a 7-kilowatt system that previously cost Rs. 850,000 has now exceeded Rs. 920,000.

Similarly, the cost of a 10-kilowatt solar panel system has increased from Rs. 11 lac to Rs. 12.5 lac.

Additionally, a 12-kilowatt system now costs Rs. 16 lac compared to its previous Rs. 14 lac.

Meanwhile, the price of a 15-kilowatt system has increased by Rs. 300,000, now costing Rs. 18 lac.

The price increase predominantly affects solar panel systems connected to the grid, with additional expenses incurred for hybrid setups, including energy storage batteries.

The increasing costs of solar panels are putting financial pressure on consumers, particularly those involved in the federal government’s net metering project.

The fluctuation in solar panel prices in Pakistan can be attributed to various economic factors and occasional political instability. The brand reputation, efficiency rating, capacity, and specific installation requirements further increase costs.

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