The dollar continues to fall, it became 296 rupees in the open market

The American currency has come down by 13 rupees in the interbank and 34 rupees in the open market.
The US dollar continues to depreciate, and today, the interbank and open markets also saw a drop in the value of the US currency.

On the third day of the business week, the dollar fell by Rs 1.02 to Rs 293.88 in the interbank market, while the dollar continued to sell at Rs 296 in the open market.

During the last two weeks, the dollar has fallen by 13 rupees in the interbank market and 34 rupees in the open market. Due to the fall of the dollar in the interbank market, the external debt of the country has decreased by 1600 billion rupees.

It should be remembered that in the second phase of the crackdown against the hoarding of dollars, due to the adoption of the strategy of raiding the houses of the relevant institutions for the recovery of reserves, the trend of decreasing the price of the dollar $ continued in the trade yesterday.

It should be noted that due to the ongoing crackdown against the dollar mafia, the value of the rupee has increased by 4% in the last two weeks, and the value of the rupee has recorded a total increase of 12 rupees 19 paise, while the dollar has been worth 32 rupees in the open currency market since September 1. It has become cheaper.

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