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Top Ten WordPress Tips for Beginners to Use in 2021

Word Press is a robust platform that lets developers build websites that include all the necessary features.


Also, it’s indeed a custom website builder with the user with a straightforward method to select from. The Word Press can describe as a refuge for businesses bloggers. The rise in popularity of WP can also prompt recruitment companies to get their hands to hiring an internet developer. The Management System  Over 17 guest posts are published on WordPress, which is why you should imagine its significance to the developing world. If you’re a web tech, RPO, or developer, are you planning to hire skilled WordPress Developers? Then read on since we’ll discuss the crucial WordPress aspects for novices this year.

1. Choose the Demo Theme:

When choosing a theme, it is recommended to look at theme demos. This way, it is easy to see the article and go through a similar trial version. The site’s primary focus is always relevant to the business niche, and the connection between these two areas always brings impressive results.

Remember that the theme is the design and outline of your website; therefore, it is best to select an article that best suits your needs. It is possible to customize WordPress at any time; however, If you’re not a professional or working with a developer, it’s best to begin with a suitable theme.

2. Set up the SEO Plugin:

Search Engine Optimization is an essential element to the success of a website by gaining a position in the Search Engine Result Page. So, installing an SEO plugin is another factor you must consider when working with WordPress.


To locate the SEO plugins, visit the WordPress Plugin Directory and find the right SEO plugin for your needs. The most effective one is Yoast SEO. The installation of the SEO plugin will make the website to success. The plugins will also analyze keywords and content, including robot.txt, robot.txt, and sitemaps. The Alliance recruitment agencies a firm for recruitment. Should you plan to recruit a web developer, ensure that you are proficient in the various SEO plugins.

3. Selecting the Hosting:

Another critical element to the successful operation of WordPress is choosing the exemplary hosting service. Without this, the website is not able to launch on the web. Hosting providers should offer enough resources to handle the web site’s traffic and prevent interruptions.

There are plenty of hosting providers, but for WordPress, BlueHost is the most suitable choice.

4. Installation the Google Analytics:

It monitors the performance of your website and gains a comprehensive analysis of the present state of your site’s interactions with visitors. Google Analytics is the only tool you can choose. It is a comprehensive way to measure the effectiveness of your website.


MonsterInsights is the most efficient method of installing Google Analytics. You’ll receive all the instructions on the installation process via MonsterInsights.

5. Say no to cluttering the content:

It’s common for developers to design attractive banners, widgets, and advertisements that are fun for you but may draw your customers’ attention.

Therefore, clogging the content isn’t always a good idea, or more precisely, it’s better to emphasize that less is more and more. Keep your design simple and relevant, and on the main point.

6. Pay attention to the latest updates:

The community typically sees WordPress updates of developers.

It is how WordPress maintains its security through periodic software upgrades. There are two types of updates. One is minor, and the second one is significant updates every month.

If you’re a professional and a reputable WordPress developer, it is essential to look up the link and look for the latest changes. It ensures that you don’t leave out any changes with the newest technology. It stops your website from getting outdated.

To download the latest updates, you must access your WordPress Dashboard, where the developer can click an “update right now” button. The professional then get all the information needed to update themes, WordPress versions, or plugins.

If you’re planning to engage a web developer, ensure that your requirements include this element.

7. Compresses the Image:

Through compression, the image’s file size is reduced in size to boost the speed of your site and minimize storage space. If the image size is not enough or completely compressing, it can cause slow loading of images. So, it’s essential to reduce the size of the image, and the designer must be aware of how to minimize the size. WordPress provides effective plugins, such as WP Smush, which can help compress the image and give the benefits of speeding up websites.

Permalinks refer to links that remain on the site that reference the URL of the site or URLs of the blog post. When a post is created, these hyperlinks are automatically generated by WordPress, which isn’t an SEO user-friendly idea.

The most effective method to alter the permalink setting is to go on the dashboard, enter the settings, and then choose an appropriate Permalink design from the array of choices; however, it is advised to stick with the Name setting. Name setting.

9. Create the Gravatar:

The complete form of Gravatar is known as Globally Recognizes, a service that works with WordPress to show the user’s picture on your account. When you publish the content or comment, the image is shown alongside the author’s bio. This kind of picture can help users and their friends to identify.

If you’re thinking of using Gravatar, The answer is easy. It’s already integrating with WordPress. Visit the Profile section within WordPress and scroll down to the profile picture section. When you click on this link, you are taking to Gravatar; you can choose any picture you wish to use and connect it with the email account registered in your WordPress account. It will then upload the image onto the WordPress account.

10 Don’t ignore alt text and title tags:

Images are not just a way to improve the site’s design, but they also contribute to its growth and help it succeed in the marketplace. Simply uploading the images does not provide enough energy to your site. Alt text and the title are additional factors to be considered. The primary purpose of Alt Text is to show what the image’s content is to the user even if the image isn’t visible due to any reason.

Another purpose for the alt-text is to provide Google with enough details concerning the photo. Google depends on alt texts to understand the image since it cannot discern the exact image.


So, are you planning to web developer hire step into your hiring career? Remember these suggestions and research similar issues in your desired candidate. It will help you select the most suitable talent for finding.

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