Tourists Banned From Going to Murree After Heavy Snowfall

Authorities in Murree have restricted the entry of additional tourists due to traffic congestion caused by thousands of visitors following heavy snowfall at the hill station.

The tourists in Murree experienced further difficulties as power outages and a shortage of snow removal machinery worsened the road conditions.

The Islamabad Deputy Commissioner issued an order to restrict the entry of more tourists into Murree due to the long lines of vehicles on the roads connecting Rawalpindi-Islamabad to the hilly areas in Murree and its surroundings.

In trying to ease traffic flow, the police have closed different main roads, including Kashmir Point, Mall Road, Guldana Road, and other arteries, for two-way traffic. The district administration has established a traffic control room to assist citizens around the clock.

The deputy commissioner Islamabad, in a post on X, announced the administration’s decision to ban tourist entry into Murree from ’17 Meel’ due to the intense snowfall.

“The decision was taken after consultation with Murree management. Tourists will be allowed to enter Murree once the rush subsides,” the DC added.

During the snowfall in Murree, the civil administration, particularly the highways and WAPDA departments, faced criticism as thousands of tourists crowded the hill station.

Slow preparations for snow removal resulted in traffic chaos on Murree’s main roads and arteries. The administration’s older vehicles proved inefficient, and many vehicles ended up inoperable on the roadsides.

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