Weekly Inflation Falls Below 40% for the First Time in Twelve Weeks

The careful Price Index for the week finished on February 1, 2024, increased by 39.45% on a year-on-year basis, according to data let out by the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics on Friday.

This is the first time in twelve weeks that the YoY increase in weekly inflation has fallen below the 40 per cent mark.

The YoY trend depicts an increase mainly due to increase gas charges for Q1 (1108.59 per cent), tomatoes (90.40 per cent), chillies powder (81.74 per cent), wheat flour (61.97 per cent), sugar (54.79 per cent), gur (51.67 percent), salt powdered (40.97 percent) rice irri-6/9 (38.79 percent) and pulse mash (37.38 percent).

The SPI for the current week decreased by 0.28 percent over the previous week. The vital rise was noticed in the prices of tomatoes (18.28%), eggs (7.77 %), onions (6.99 percent), LPG (1.53 percent), potatoes (1.25 percent), pulse masoor (0.80 percent), cooking oil 5 litre (0.36 percent) and mustard oil (0.28%).

In the week, Almost 51 items out of prices of 12 (23.53 %) things expanded, 17 (33.335%) items were reduced, and 22 (43.14%) things remained stable.

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