What was the benefit of breaking the Group of Babar and Rizwan? Ramiz Raja took over the team management

The Group that the whole world was afraid of, you broke under pressure: Former Chairman PCB.

  Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has criticized the team management’s decision to disrupt the successful opening group of Mohammad Rizwan and Babar Azam during the ongoing T20I series against New Zealand. New Zealand clinched their T20 series against Pakistan in two matches on Wednesday thanks to opener Finn Allen’s record-breaking 62-ball 137 at Dunedin’s University Oval.

The Black Caps won the third match of the five-match series by 45 runs to score 224 for seven and restrict Pakistan to 179 for seven. Speaking on his YouTube channel, Ramiz Raja questioned the reasoning behind breaking up a popular opening group. He emphasized the importance of continuity and consistent work to build a strong partnership.

Ramiz Raja said, “There was so much pressure to break the opening group of Babar and Rizwan after breaking the opening partnership, which was evaluated on the basis of strike rate. When you bring in new players, they are good in the league. You can perform, but international cricket is a different thing where the pressure is on, and the whole world is on you. You broke the opening group, which was famous around the world.

Either you have a workshop of trained openers behind you who are slowly being introduced when you have no other option. It takes time to form an opening group; it is not an easy task. So if you have a group and they keep you on the field continuously during the matches, what is the benefit to you after it breaks?” Responding to allegations of bias against Babar Azam, the former Test cricketer In and Out defended his support for any captain, emphasizing the multifaceted responsibilities of leadership.

“What was accused of me was that I supported Babar Azam. I support every captain because his role is not only on the field during the game but also off the field,” he said. “

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