Winter fruits are full of benefits

Many people think eating bitter fruits in cold weather is harmful, but the opposite is true.

Many kinds of fruits are produced in the winter, like kino, musmi, orange, fruiter, etc. They have a sour taste. These fruits are rich in vitamin C. Generally, people find bitter and sour things a bit more sour in winter. The reason for this is the cold weather. Many people think eating bitter fruit in cold weather is harmful, but the opposite is true.
How can the available fruits, especially in winter, harm human health? In winter, we need more vitamin C. That is why God created fruits and vegetables in this season that are rich in vitamin C. Vitamin C is soluble in water and blood in our body.

It improves the growth of our hair and skin.
According to a study, vitamin C plays a significant role in the recovery of stroke patients.

Similarly, it helps control blood pressure and keep it balanced. Vitamin C is important in preventing cholesterol, nervous tension, weakness of bones and nails, allergies, and dry skin. Vitamin C in preventing heart diseases. Helpful. Cold is considered a common disease in the winter season; moderate consumption of vitamin C can prevent colds and enjoy the cold weather.

Just like everything has its benefits, it also has its disadvantages. Vitamin C should also be consumed in moderation. Experts generally recommend consuming 75 to 90 mg of vitamin C a day. Kino Winter contains 85% calories. It has a negligible amount of cholesterol. Consuming at least two cans daily can meet your nutritional needs and those of people with weak bodies. It is the best tip to increase appetite in children.
Regular use of kino also increases immunity. Fatty people can control their weight by using kino. Diabetes patients can increase their insulin levels. Likewise, eating kino also has a good effect on vision.
In winter, a useful and cheap vegetable like beetroot gives you healthy skin and body by eliminating vitamin C and anemia. Beetroot can also be cooked as a salad and curry. The juice is best to remove anemia. Weak people can use beetroot halwa like carrot. Grinding it or extracting the juice and applying it on the face makes the face red and fresh.

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