World’s First AI-Powered Opens in USA

CaliExpress, a restaurant located in Pasadena, Southern California, has stepped into the future by introducing the world’s first fully automated dining experience. The collaboration between Cali Group, Miso Robotics, and PopID has resulted in an establishment where artificial intelligence takes care of everything, from placing orders to cooking.

This innovative eatery features automated fry and grill stations, showcasing robots preparing custom orders. The uniqueness of the experience is described as a “pseudo-museum,” allowing customers to witness the entire process conducted by machines. PopID’s CEO, John Miller, emphasized the groundbreaking nature of this venture, claiming it to be the first restaurant globally where both ordering and every cooking process are fully automated.

The restaurant’s atmosphere is designed to enhance the futuristic feel, incorporating moving robot arms recycled from retired Flippy units, along with experimental 3D-printed artifacts and displayed photographs. Rich Hull, CEO of Miso Robotics, underlined the transformative impact of AI-powered robotic order-taking and cooking, emphasizing improvements in quality, consistency, and speed within major restaurant chains. This development represents years of research, development, and investment in revolutionary technologies.

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