You Can Now Check The Real Winner From Your Constituency Online

Pakistan’s 2024 general elections concluded over the past week with some of the most controversial results. However, the election results changed overnight, and experts say these elections have been some of the least credible in Pakistan’s 76-year history.

Thankfully, a new website lets you track the winners in your area, though it only works with VPNs. You can guess as to why that’s the case. This website shows sample data from Form 45 and their respective results in each area. It also lets you search by constituency, candidate name, or city for the data you’re looking date. Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), which competed as independent candidates in the elections, won in most regions nationwide.

The table on this webpage shows the constituency number, the area’s name, the winner from that area, their respective party, and the total number of votes received. Clicking on the “view constituency” button shows even more details, such as polling stations, rejected votes, and more. Users can also download these forms for more offline viewing.

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