Pakistan condemns ‘barbaric’ killing of 3 Kashmiris in Indian army custody

The Associated Press reported a day earlier that three Kashmiris had been tortured to death in Indian army custody. According to the report, locals and residents claimed that the army had detained “at least 8 civilians” in Poonch for questioning following an attack on 2 army vehicles.

Locals have accused soldiers of torturing three men to death at a military camp nearby. Later, the bodies were handed over to local police officers who contacted their families. Residents claimed that the bodies were marked by severe torture”, the report said.

The families claim that the five other prisoners were transferred to a military hospital after “severe torture”.

The report also stated that videos purporting to show the “torture” of “detained civilians” spread online after their arrest and caused “widespread rage”.

The report stated that “Authorities shut down internet service on smart devices on Saturday morning in Poonch, Rajouri and other areas. This is a common tactic used to discourage protests and dissuade the dissemination of videos.”

The FO issued a statement today in which it condemned “the barbaric custodial murder” of three Kashmiris.

The Indian occupation army tortured the slain civilians to death in a camp. Social media is flooded with a video purporting to show Indians stripping and spraying chilli powder onto three men.

The incident exposes India’s relentless state of terrorism in India illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir. It added that the perpetrators of such custodial murders should be held accountable.

The root of all major problems in IIOJK is India’s brutal occupation. It said: “The Kashmiri people have a right to self-determination, which the relevant UN Security Council Resolutions enshrine.”

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