Samsung Galaxy S24’s AI Features Are Powered by Baidu Instead of Google in China

Samsung is looking to regain its momentum in the Chinese market, where it only held a 2% share in 2023. Samsung’s first step in doing so may be using China’s own AI models to power the Galaxy S24, as highlighted by the leader of the mobile division, TM Roh:

In contrast to the global implementation where Google’s Gemini Pro handles translation, summarization, and content generation, the Chinese version of the Galaxy S24 uses the “Ernie” AI model, a creation of China’s tech titan, Baidu.

In the realm of Android devices in China, it’s customary for them to arrive sans the usual suite of Google services. However, Samsung’s distinct focus on AI in this latest iteration of its flagship smartphones has raised a few eyebrows, marking an unexpected departure from the norm.

From all indications available, these features align with their global counterparts in terms of functionality. Just like the global models, the Chinese phones also have Circle to Search, allowing users to web search anything on the screen by drawing a circle over an image, highlighting text, etc. Google was particularly proud to announce this feature.

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