Pakistan Team Arrive at Melbourne for 2nd Test Against Australia

The Pakistan cricket team has arrived in Melbourne after playing the comparable Test against Australia, which is arranged to start on December 26. 

Ahead of the 2nd Test in Melbourne, the team has organized to practice on December 20 and take part in a two-day practice match on December 22 and 23.

One important highlight of the Perth Test was the wonderful viewership during the second session on the fourth day. A record-breaking 1.1 million cricket fans in Australia tuned in to watch the match on TV screens.

This figure represents a significant 22 percent increase compared to the viewership of last year’s first Test match in the Australia Summer Test, which had a total of 5.97 million viewers on the Seven Network.

In addition to the impressive television viewership, the Perth Test also set a new record for attendance in the Australia vs. Pakistan Tests held in Perth.

The total attendance at the stadium reached 59,125 people, marking a significant turnout of cricket enthusiasts. The second day of the Test saw the largest crowd, with 17,666 attendees.

These statistics highlight the growing interest and support for cricket in Australia, as shown by both television viewership and live attendance at the stadium during the Australia vs. Pakistan Test series.

The Pakistan cricket team’s race in Melbourne sets the stage for the next Test, and fans actively anticipate the endurance of exciting cricketing action.

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