Google laid off hundreds of employees

Among those who lost their jobs are employees of other sectors, including engineering and hardware

Leading website Google has laid off hundreds of employees working in various fields, including engineering and hardware.

According to foreign media, the spokesperson of Google has confirmed the layoffs and said that the purpose of this initiative for Google is to improve its performance further.

According to the report, the layoffs will affect employees in Google’s core engineering, hardware, and assistant teams. At the same time, employees associated with voice-enabled software products and other areas will also lose their jobs.

The spokesperson says that Google’s move is the latest cost-cutting effort to help the company cope with the impact of the massive layoffs during the global pandemic.

In January of last year, Google cut its workforce by 12,000, about 6 percent of its full-time employees, while the company also made cuts in its hiring and new divisions later in the year.

Meanwhile, the Alphabet Workers’ Union has expressed disappointment over the layoffs at Google, calling it an unnecessary process. “Our members and teammates work hard every day to create the best products for our customers, so the company cannot lay off our co-workers who make billions every quarter,” the union wrote in a post on social media.

The Alphabet Workers Union reiterated its determination that the fight would not stop until job security was provided.

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